Commitment to Diversity

Commitment to Diversity

We celebrate and value diversity at Mandala. These words have been part of our guiding philosophy since our founding:

“To support cultural, religious, racial, and socio-economic diversity that is representative of our community.”

We are committed to reflecting the diversity of our world in our classrooms at Mandala. We are fortunate to have so many children and families from different cultures. We are proud that our school reflects the diversity of our East Foothills community and the surrounding Silicon Valley area.

We welcome families of all races, ethnicities, national origin, religious traditions, disabilities, sexual orientations, family compositions, and socio-economic status.

Classroom & Family Activities That Celebrate Our Diversity
We believe we can teach nonviolence and respect for others at every level in many ways throughout the year, even in the smallest daily interactions.

“Celebrating Me”: Beginning at the preschool level, we help each child to appreciate his or her own uniqueness. We encourage children to learn about and value their color, their abilities, their history, their family heritage, their religion, and their cultural traditions.

Differing Abilities: In our classrooms, we have some children with differing abilities. Some need extra help or the assistance of an aide. Children learn to interact and play with “all our friends” at Mandala.

Teaching Respect: In Small Group, we specifically teach children about tolerance and respect for cultural and ethnic differences during our diversity month. Children learn about “same and different” and “rituals and traditions.” Through a variety of activities and experiences, they discover that difference is to be appreciated, not to be feared.

Cultural Holidays: In our classroom, we celebrate cultural and ethnic holidays throughout the year. Parents come in to help with cooking projects and special activities. We encourage parents to share their traditions, stories, travel photos, cultural dress, music and dance with the children.

Multi-Cultural Potluck: Mandala hosts a potluck lunch during our “Unity and Community” month in March. Families bring a dish that reflects their culture for the potluck lunch. We gather together to feast on a colorful array of ethnic foods from around the world and celebrate our rich diversity.

They notice what we value and respect. At a very young age, children become aware of what is different and what similar. Our similarities mean that we all share the same human connection. Our differences give us our uniqueness and make us interesting and varied.