We offer class options to meet the unique developmental needs of EACH child. Class placements are made by the Administrative staff in close collaboration with parents. The classes below are suited for children in the 3-5 year age group. We will help you determine the best fit for your child.

Ages 3-5 • T/TH – M/W/F – M-F • 9-12:00 • Ratio 8:1

Children need to be three years old and potty trained by September 1st to attend this traditional Montessori preschool class. This class is for the child who is developmentally ready to handle more choice, additional classmates, and more transitions in a larger learning environment. Children are learning academics through self-organizing Montessori materials that teach math, language, reading and writing through whole-body learning experiences. They are also learning the social-regulation skills necessary for school success: how to take initiative with peers, engage in cooperative play, manage emotions, follow instructions, share thoughts and feelings, and negotiate conflicts. Character-building is a unique feature of this class.

Ages 3-5 • T/TH – M/W/F – M-F • 9-12:45 • Ratio 8:1

This is the ideal option for the preschooler who is ready to slightly extend their day and spend more time interacting with peers. Ladybugs in this class participate in the morning preschool program, bring their lunch, and stay at school for an additional 45 minutes where they benefit from important social skills practice with friends. Ladybugs who lunch end their day with some extra playground time!

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