Family and Child Services

Family and Child Services

One of our core values is to serve the WHOLE CHILD. This has meant being a different kind of preschool that has resource professionals on staff, that intentionally teaches character-building and empathy, and that is dedicated to early intervention. We have integrated emotional wellness concepts into our daily program.

Part of our mission is supporting families. Parenting is one of the most important jobs in the world. It is also one of the most challenging. Our Family Resources Program helps parents by offering onsite guidance.

We take very seriously our commitment to give all children the opportunity to be successful. We are often the first eyes to look at a child among peers of the same age in a larger social setting. Because we believe early intervention is critical within the first five years, we will talk with parents when we notice difficulties.

We work as a collaborative team in the classroom (teachers, social worker, and occupational therapist) to help children be successful. Parents are part of our team too. We want to work together.

Our program has many extras to help children learn and interact confidently. We also offer many resources to help parents with the challenging task of parenting.

  • Early Assessment
    Our highly qualified staff has an expertise in celebrating children’s differences and identifying early developmental challenges. We try to use our own resources first, but we may also recommend additional outside assessment or support.
  • Speech and Language Screening Annually
    We offer onsite speech, language and hearing assessments by licensed professionals every fall.
  • Parent Coaching
    Our Director of Family Resources/Occupational Therapist and our Clinical Consultant/LCSW are available to assist parents with questions about discipline and child behavior and to consult with teachers.
  • Parent Education – Workshops, Discussion Groups, Newsletters, Resource Library
    We help parents to better understand their children in order to give them what they truly need. We teach effective parenting skills and coping strategies. We offer listening and support.
  • Occupational Therapy Consultation
    Our Occupational Therapist is a resource for parents and teachers. This is helpful for children with sensory motor challenges. For more information, view the Occupational Therapist page.
  • Social Skills Classes
    Some children come to Mandala needing a little extra help with what is called “social thinking” or making friend-connections. Our “Friendship Class” works on building skills in this area. For more information, view the Enrichment Classes page.
  • Resources and Referral
    Our Director of Family Resources helps families connect to additional community resources when needed.
  • “Tools for School”
    Our teachers use many different “sensory helpers” in the classroom to assist children who have a strong need to move around and find it difficult to sit still, such as cube chairs, lap buddies, finger fidgits, etc.
  • Daily “Reflect and Respect” Time
    Our Director of Family Resources designs monthly themed activities that teach social-emotional awareness in the classroom at Small Group time. Our Nurturing the Spirit social-emotional curriculum offers a unique blend of time for reflection, imagination, sharing of feelings, and social skill-building. View Nurturing the Spirit Curriculum.
  • A Walking Labyrinth
    We have a labyrinth in our courtyard garden that is a special place at Mandala. Labyrinths have been used for centuries to quiet the mind and reduce stress. Our teachers use the labyrinth to help the children learn to calm and regulate their bodies.