Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Classes

Mandala offers several enrichment classes during the school year to support our enrolled students.

**Please note that these classes are open only to currently enrolled students.

Ages 3-5 • 1 Hour • 4-6 Students w/ 2 Teachers • 6 weeks

This special one-hour class runs in sessions in the afternoon throughout the year. It is especially helpful for children who can benefit from extra support in making connections with peers and building social friendship skills. The class is taught by two experienced Mandala teachers who use floor time and structured play activities to coach children to play collaboratively and cooperatively. Children are learning about their thoughts and feelings and working as part of a group. Teachers promote mental flexibility, conversational turn-taking, problem-solving, “body-reading” awareness, and emotional regulation. This is a great class for building play skills and confidence in the social realm. Children may enroll for one or more sessions, but must be enrolled at Mandala to attend.

Ages 3-5 • 1 Hour • 3-4 Students w/ 1 Therapist • 6 weeks

This is a one-hour weekly class for sensory exploration and motor play taught by Atty Rosas, OTR/L. It is a kid-friendly time filled with active fun that is building important brain skills. This is especially helpful for children needing to learn self-regulation. Activities guided by our OT teach kids to use their whole body and become comfortable with new and different sensory experiences. These activities include trampoline jumping, obstacle courses, scooter boards, ball pits, swings and more! Children are enhancing their body awareness, listening skills, turn taking skills, and impulse control while also building core strength to develop their fine & gross motor skills and overall coordination. This group is fun for any child, but it is particularly helpful for children who need a little extra help “calming their motors.” Children may enroll for one or more sessions.

Age 4-5 • 1 Hour • 3-4 Students w/ 1 Therapist • 6 weeks

This is a class to support children who struggle with age-appropriate handwriting, drawing, and/or cutting skills or for those who simply need extra encouragement and practice working on these skills, especially before going on to Kindergarten. The class meets for one hour weekly in sessions at special times during the year. It is taught by our OT Consultant, Atty Rosas, OTR/L, who uses a multi-sensory approach to teach these skills while incorporating concepts and activities from the Handwriting without Tears curriculum into her multi-sensory approach.

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