Collaboration and Teamwork

Collaboration and Teamwork

Mandala is a rewarding place to work because we are all professionals who care about young children and we share similar values about educating them. We are committed to supporting each other in doing our best.

Mandala has always been committed to a participatory style of management in keeping with its philosophy.  Employees at each level are given independence and self-determination in decision-making.

The teachers work together in individual classroom teams, and no one makes a decision independently. They also come together as one large teaching team to plan curriculum and make classroom decisions.

The teachers and administrators communicate daily about children and events. The entire staff also meets each week for a late afternoon staff meeting to assess needs, share information, and gather feedback. This time for team-building is an important part of our week. 

The Board of Directors supports the Executive Team. They are partners in guiding the school to stay true to its values.