We enroll children throughout the year as we have openings. Some parents are interested in enrolling their child this year, while others are interested in observing for the next school year.  Schedule a time to visit us!

Once you have come for a tour or to an Open House session with your child, we will recommend the class that best fits for your child developmentally. If we have an opening in the class you are interested in, we will give you a registration form and instructions for completing the required paperwork in order to register your child. Your child’s registration is complete as soon as you submit all your completed forms and pay your fees.

If we do not currently have an opening, we will put your child on our waiting list, and we will call you as soon an opening occurs. If an opening does not occur this school year, you will be notified in February about our Spring Registration for the following summer and fall.

If you are thinking ahead and would like to enroll your child at Mandala for the next summer or school year, we will put you on our Registration Notification List. In February, you will be notified with details of our registration process and the date of Spring Registration.

To complete registration, you must:

  • Take a tour  or attend an Open House session with your child.
  • Complete and submit all registration forms, including a copy of your child’s immunization record.
  • Pay the non-refundable Registration Fee.
  • Pay the Activity Fee.

Many of the forms are required by state licensing and are necessary for the health and safety of your child. All forms must be completed before a child may enter school.

Once registered, you will be added to our online parent communication email list, and you will receive regular school updates and information.

We strive to be an inclusive and supportive learning environment for young children. If your child has developmental delays or has a specific diagnosis or is receiving special services, please talk with us. Our Director of Family Resources will explore with you what your child needs and whether our program will be the best fit for your child. We want every child to be successful. Often children with developmental differences who have achieved a certain level of skill can do well at Mandala with some modifications and supports as well as close communication with parents. We welcome meeting with you and talking with you.

Children are given a 2-week Adjustment Period in order to assure that Mandala is the best fit for a child, a family, and our classroom. If, after two weeks, it is determined by either party that our program is this not a good match for your child, we will happily refund your tuition for days unused, along with your entire activity fee. The Registration Fee is not refundable.

Come visit us and catch the SPIRIT of Mandala!