State-Subsidized Child Care

State-Subsidized Child Care

Mandala offers subsidized childcare for young children of qualified low-income families. Fees are based on a sliding scale.

Since 1976 Mandala has received a grant from the State Department of Education to offer child care to serve the low-income families in our community.

Mandala contracts with a network of 10-12 family child care providers who care for children in their homes. The child care providers each set up their own preschool environments in a way that follows early childhood best practice standards. Our child care providers are licensed by Community Care Licensing and monitored by the state of California. Our Childcare Program Manager also rates the homes annually using the Family Child Care Environment Rating Scale (FCCERS-R).

One advantage of our program is that children are cared for in a nurturing home environment rather than a large child care center, and many are able to also have a preschool experience in the Mandala classroom. In these cases, the childcare providers typically take them to school and pick them up. Some children in the subsidized program enroll in our Expanded-Day Preschool Class and only come to preschool.

Mandala childcare providers are independent contractors who set their own fees. They enjoy affiliating with Mandala because of the extra support and training they receive.

All parents are welcome to our Childcare Referral List. Parents may visit our available homes and choose a home that best suits their child’s needs.

A Mandala referral does not imply a recommendation. We urge parents to carefully interview and check references before leaving a child in care.

Interested parents may call and speak to our Family Childcare Program Manager. She will give you information about the subsidized program. If your income is higher than the scale, we can help you with your child care needs by referring you, at a full-cost basis, to one of our licensed family child care providers.

MARY MACDONALD may be reached at (408) 251-8633 or