Social Butterflies: New “Friendship Class”

Social Butterflies: New “Friendship Class”

Social Butterflies - Friendship Class

We are excited to again offer something at Mandala for our students who need some extra coaching in the area of social play skills. Many children in our program would benefit from more facilitated support in building these skills:

  •    Interacting confidently with friends
  •    Sharing and turn-taking
  •    Managing feelings and regulating emotions
  •    Emotional flexibility
  •    Personal space awareness
  •    Problem-solving
  •    Working collaboratively in group play

At the end of October 2016, we will begin offering two classes, running in 8-week sessions, on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons from 12:30-1:30 pm.  Ms. Tabatha and Ms. Tiffany will run the Wednesday class and Ms. Sharada and Ms. Janine will run the Thursday class.  Every session will have a play-based theme with activities to enhance social and language skills. For more information or to register, download the registration form.

We are limiting the number of children to a very small group (4-5 children). Cost: $300.