A nurturing first preschool class for young 2-year olds. Simple activities, music, movement, and floor play are utilized to introduce our youngest students to school.

Age 2-3 • MWF, T/TH, M-F (by recommendation only) 9-12:00 • Ratio 4:1

A small, highly-nurturing class for toddlers who are first beginning school, or for the preschooler who may benefit from a smaller environment with closer teacher attention.  The focus is on mastering separation, early socialization, and language development.  Children learn turn-taking, listening, cooperation, self-control, and comfort with adults and peers.  The teachers follow the lead of the individual children, encouraging developmental play.  Music, movement, and floor time play are strongly emphasized.  The classroom is enriched with many hands-on learning materials, including age-appropriate Montessori activities that inspire curiosity and creativity and offer multiple opportunities for interactive socialization.  Toilet-teaching is offered as a natural part of the day.  Transitions are limited.  Class size is limited to 16 children.

**NOTE:  This is a blended age-group class, where young toddlers are enriched by the modeling of older ones.  The youngest Two’s must start with a 2-day option, adding days as they adjust.  Two and a half-year olds may start with a 3 day class and may add more days with teacher recommendation.

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