Family & Child Services

Family & Child Services

One of our core values is to serve the WHOLE CHILD. This has meant being a different kind of preschool that intentionally teaches character-building and empathy, has an LCSW and an OT on staff, is dedicated to early intervention and inclusion, and assists families. We have integrated emotional wellness concepts into our daily program.

What makes Mandala unique is the support we offer to both parent and child. We take very seriously our commitment to give all children the opportunity to be successful. Our program has many extras that help children learn and supports parents.

WE ARE THE FIRST EYES – Early Identification of Learning Challenges
We have been educating young children for many years. Our highly qualified staff has an expertise in celebrating children’s differences and identifying early developmental challenges that may be getting in the way of a child’s learning or social interaction.

We are often the first to observe a child among many peers of the same age group. We have a team to support a child and assist parents. Our team includes the teachers, our social worker, and our occupational therapist.

If we notice that a child is having a particular difficulty, the teachers will share their concerns with parents. We believe early intervention is vital. Current research shows the importance of the first five years in laying down the framework of the brain. We will help a child get what they need on-site at Mandala or we may recommend further outside assessment. If our program is not the best fit, we will help families connect to resources that will help them.

At Mandala, we work as a collaborative team in the classroom (teachers, social worker, and occupational therapist) to help all children be successful. Parents are part of our team too.

Part of our mission is supporting families. Our Family Services Program helps parents by offering on-site consultation and assistance. We help parents learn effective parenting skills and coping strategies. We offer parents resources, particularly for children who need enrichment in a particular area or have developmental delays.

Mandala is unique in the Early Childhood field in that we are one of the only schools to have a Licensed Clinical Social Worker on staff to support families and assist children in healthy emotional development.

Our Social Worker is in the office three days a week to help parents and the teaching staff with normal parent/child concerns, as well as atypical childhood issues. She offers parent and child counseling, connection to community resources, and educational parenting workshops. Parents may call her at any time, and services are free of charge to Mandala parents.

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPIST – Consultation & Services
Mandala is also unique in that we have added a licensed occupational therapist to work with us as a consultant to offer guidance to staff and provide sensory activities for all children in our classrooms. She is also available to work with children and parents on a fee-for service basis.

Occupational Therapists help children coordinate their movement and organize information coming from their senses. Occupational therapy can be particularly useful for children who lack body awareness, are always in motion, are extra sensitive to food, sounds, or textures, or have difficulty paying attention. Parents may contact our OT Consultant at any time. (Click for MORE INFO)

Anne Kangas, L.C.S.W. — Parenting Guidance and Resources
Office: M-T-W
(409) 251-8633 x14 or

Atty Rosas, OTR/L — Occupational Therapy and Family Resources
Office: M-T-W
(408) 251-8633 x10 or or