A preparatory class for the young preschooler. Hands-on learning activities and Montessori materials encourage curiosity, creativity, and provide opportunities for interactive play.

Ages 2-3 • M/W/F 9-12:00 • Ratio 5:1

This is a preparatory preschool class for the young preschooler who will benefit from a smaller environment with closer teacher attention. It is perfect for older Two’s and sometimes very young Three’s. The classroom is enriched with hands-on learning activities and age-appropriate Montessori materials that encourage curiosity and creativity. There are many opportunities for interactive play, music, and movement. Children are learning to share, follow rules, participate in a group, build self-control, establish relationships, communicate their needs, and strengthen their independence. They are able to move about in two large rooms and the patio work area. The teachers work closely with the children during floor time, facilitating learning and play. Many in this group are still mastering toileting, so children need not be toilet-trained in this class. The teachers are highly nurturing in this class also, and they are particularly sensitive to the needs of this age group. Preschoolers who are slower to mature sometimes do better in this smaller class.

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