Occupational Therapist

Occupational Therapist

We are very fortunate to have Atty Rosas, OTR/L work with us a consultant each week to assist our staff, students, and families. Atty is a licensed Pediatric Occupational Therapist whose specialty is working with children from birth to five years. She has worked in a wide variety of pediatric settings including private clinics, school-based settings, early intervention centers, and home settings. She comes with 17 years of experience working with children who have sensory processing disorders, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, and ADHD. Atty also has two boys who have attended Mandala.

Occupational Therapy helps children participate in daily life activities or “occupations.” In the early years, these occupations often relate to the important skills of play, learning and socializing. Occupational therapists observe, evaluate, and modify activities or the environment so that children can be successful and achieve their important childhood milestones. At Mandala, we know that all young children can benefit from this support, so we incorporate the expertise of our OT into our classroom program. Sensory-based activities offer an enjoyable and easy way for children to feel better inside their own bodies.

Some children can use extra help. If a child seems to lack body awareness and tends to bump into things or people, appears clumsy or has difficulty with coordination, exerts too much force when playing with others, has poor small motor skills, seems extra sensitive to food, smells, tags, clothes, touch, or sound, is always in motion and has difficulty paying attention, or is having difficulty following routines and transitions and adjusting to classroom routines in general, he or she may have sensory issues that could be helped by OT activities. Atty can be a great resource to parents. She can design a program of sensory activities that parents can do at home with their child tailored to their child’s unique needs.

Atty observes in our classrooms and helps us incorporate new activities to help the children regulate their bodies, improve coordination and movement, listen and process information, and “calm their motors.” She also works with the children in our new sensory-motor classroom.

Atty offers these OT services to the school:

  • In-class Observation
  • Sensory Assessments and Recommendations
  • Consultation with Staff
  • Squiggles & Wiggles Class (Sensory Motor Skills)
  • Scissors & Scribbles Class (Handwriting and Fine-motor Skills)
  • Mommy and Me Class (For younger children ages 15-24 months)

Parents may also consult with Atty privately for these fee-based services:

  • Home Observations and Consultation
  • Individualized Home Programs (“Sensory Diet”, Therapeutic Listening, Brushing Program, Fine and Gross Motor Activities)
  • Parent Training
  • Assessment
  • Hands-on Assistance in the Classroom

Our occupational therapist and our social worker work together to assist the classroom and to support parents and children at Mandala.


  • Self-Regulation Motor Planning
  • Impulse Control Body Awareness
  • Frustration Tolerance Learning and Development (Attention and focus, task completion)
  • Transitions/Shifting gears Fine and Gross Motor Skill Development
  • Listening/Following Directions Balance and Coordination
  • Sensitivities (taste, touch, sound) Postural Control
  • Handwriting & Eye-Hand Coordination

Atty is in the office on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. You may call her at Mandala at (408) 251-8633 x10 or email her at atty@mandalachildrenshouse.com. You may also contract with her privately by calling her at (408) 489-2783 or email her at attyotr@yahoo.com and leave a confidential message. She will talk with you and set up a time to meet. Download Additional Info (PDF)