Early Preschool

Early Preschool

Early Preschool Programs



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COCOON– EARLY PRESCHOOL – Age 2                                   2½ Hrs       4:1        2 day

This is a beginning class for older toddlers who turn two by September 1st. It is a small and gentle “starter” class that supports children growing at their own pace during their first school experience away from home. The focus is on mastering separation, early socialization, and language acquisition. Music, movement, and floor time play are strongly emphasized. Activities are simple and fun. Transitions are limited. Children are learning turn-taking, how to listen, to use gentle hands, and to let adults comfort them. Toilet-teaching is offered as a natural part of the day, so children do not need to be toilet-trained. The teachers in the Early Preschool are highly nurturing and loving. They are particularly sensitive to the needs of very young preschoolers.




CATERPILLARS –TRANSITIONAL PRESCHOOL –Age 2-3          3 Hrs        5:1        3 day

This is an introductory preschool class for older Two’s and young Three’s. It is perfect for the young preschooler who will benefit from a smaller, less-overwhelming learning environment with closer attention from adults. The classroom is enriched with hands-on learning activities that encourage curiosity and creativity, and there are many opportunities for interactive play. Children are learning to share, follow rules, participate in a group, build self-control, communicate their needs, and strengthen their independence. They are able to move about in two large rooms and the patio work area. The teachers work closely with children during floor time, facilitating learning and play.  Many in this group are still mastering toileting, so childrenneed not be toilet-trained.