Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs

Preschool Programs




LADYBUGS–MORNING PRESCHOOL – Age 3-5                2½ & 3 Hrs      8:1      2-3-5 day

Children need to be three years old by September 1st to attend this traditional Montessori preschool class. This class is for the child who is developmentally ready for more choice, additional classmates. and more transitions in a larger learning environment.Children are learning academics through self-organizing Montessori materials that teach math, language, reading and writing through whole-body learning experiences. Children are also learning the critical social skills necessary for school success: how to take initiative with peers, engage in cooperative play, manage impulses, follow instructions, share thoughts and feelings, and negotiate conflicts. In each class, children of Pre-K age are grouped together, where the primary focus is on teaching readiness skills in preparation for the demands of Kindergarten. Activities for the Pre-K group are intentionally geared for the older preschooler who is ready for more advanced learning and creative problem-solving and more cooperative social experiences. 




BUMBLEBEES–MID-DAY PRESCHOOL –Age 3-5                     3 Hrs      8:1      3 day

The class is identical to the morning preschool class, offering the same program and curriculum. It a perfect class for the child who does better with a later starting time of day. Children in this class are also being prepared for Kindergarten with readiness skills and more advanced cooperative social learning opportunities. Our goal is to prepare children socially, emotionally, and academically to be successful learners. We want Mandala students to enter kindergarten with a strong foundation and a life-long love of learning. 

GRASSHOPPERS–EXPANDED-DAY PRESCHOOL –Age 3-5     6 Hrs    8:1      2-3-5 day

This is a perfect class for the child who is ready for a longer day or is going on to Kindergarten. The class is blended with the morning preschool class in the first part of the day, then breaks for lunch and social time. In the later part of the day, the class builds and expands on the social and academic skills that children are acquiring in the Ladybug/Bumblebee classes. Grasshopper children remain with their own small group teachers throughout the day. After lunch and playground, they spend time on focused activities with teacher-led presentations working with the advanced Montessori materials in language, math, and social studies. Activities are geared for more creative problem-solving and more cooperative social experiences. Special rotating group time is included for Spanish, literacy and story writing, science, art and movement, and fine motor practice.














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