We enroll children throughout the year as we have openings. Some parents are interested in enrolling their child this year, while others are interested in observing for the next school year.

Once you have come for a tour with your child and met with the Assistant Head of School, we can immediately register your child if we have an opening in the class you are interested in. We will make the recommendation about the class that best fits for your child developmentally.

If we do not currently have an opening, we will put your child on our Waiting List, and we will call you as soon an opening occurs. If an opening does not occur this school year, you will be notified in February about our Spring Registration for the following summer and fall.

If you are thinking ahead and would like to enroll your child at Mandala for the next summer or school year, we will put you on our Registration Notification List. In February, you will be notified with details of our registration process and the date of Spring Registration.

If you are ready to enroll your child, you must first call for a tour with your child. You may also click the registration link to the right and complete the online form to begin the process.

To complete registration, you must:

  • Take a tour with your child and meet with the Asst. Head of School
  • Complete the Registration Form
  • Sign the Admissions Agreement
  • Complete the Emergency and Medical Release Forms
  • Pay the non-refundable Registration Fee
  • Pay the Activity Fee

Once registered, you will be given information about school forms and added to online parent communication mailing list. All forms must be completed before a child can begin school.

We give tours of our classrooms on Monday and Tuesday mornings. If you would like to schedule a tour, whether you are “just visiting” or you are ready to enroll, please call (408) 251-8633 or send an email to make an appointment to visit our school. Plan to bring your child with you on the tour.

During the tour, our Asst. Head of School will meet with you and your child, and she will take you on a personal tour of the classrooms. She will explain our program, answer all your questions, and tell you which class is best suited for your child and what openings are available.

Children are given a 2-week Adjustment Period in order to assure that Mandala is the best fit for a child, a family, and our classroom. If, after two weeks, it is determined by either party that our program is this not a good match for your child, we will happily refund your tuition for days unused, along with your entire activity fee. The Registration Fee is not refundable.

Come for a tour and catch the SPIRIT of Mandala!