Parent Testimonials

Parent Testimonials

We treasure our Mandala families and community. Take a look at what some of our parents have said about our school.

“We loved Mandala! My kids have so many fond memories from their time there. My son even returned and did his Eagle Project there to help the school. I highly recommend it!” — Stacy B.

“All three of my children attended Mandala. Mandala prepared them well for kindergarten, which they all excelled at. Very low teacher to child ratio, full time counselor/therapist and a cozy little campus.” — Justin H.

“My daughter had an amazing time attending this fantastic preschool. Our whole family is wiser and stronger because of the staff and facilities at Mandala. I tell all my friends about Mandala and recommend it to all the parents I know who have youngsters or are expecting.” — Ria D.

“My son has been through the Cocoon and Caterpillar class so far. He loves going to school and its amazing how he’s grown during his time here. My husband and I love the nurturing environment, supportive staff and many resources the school offers to us. It’s a wonderfully run school.” — Leigh R.

“If there are more than 5 stars I would pick that. Mandala ia the best beginning we could give my little one.” — Sonal S.

“My daughter and son both attended Mandala from early pre school to pre kinder. They are now in 2nd and 4th grade. They still talk about their loving teachers, the fun playgrounds and the friends they made while they were very young. Mandala has a very special place in their hearts!” — Rose C.

“Mandala Children’s House is a wonderful preschool! Their philosophy of nurturing the whole child is a god send…Both of my daughters attended Mandala Children’s House for 3 years and I feel so happy that my husband and I were able to give them the best building blocks for their educational and personal journey of life. We always felt so much love and support at Mandala. Thanks again to all the wonderful staff and teachers at Mandala. We will always miss it.” — Tammy D. 

“My boys had a wonderful experience at Mandala. They have a deep love of learning and absolutely love school to this day. Mandala was the perfect beginning for them as their sense of wonder, curiosity, and exploration was fostered from a very young age. Today they are kind, confident, and outgoing boys and we truly believe that the the 3+ years at Mandala paved the way for them! My family and I have a deep appreciation for the amazing teachers and administrators who truly believe in nurturing young children. As a mother I couldn’t ask for more from a pre school and as a professional (Pediatric Occupational Therapist) with a background in Child Development, I am in awe of a school that offers such great support and resources to children and their families. What a gift Mandala has been to my family and I!” — Atty R.

“We drive 20-25 minutes to get to Mandala every day, but it’s more than worth the drive. My son started in the summer session in early preschool, not potty trained and he’s now moving to the afternoon prekindergarden level and we couldn’t have picked a better environment. The staff is nurturing and knowledgable. They have helped me through some difficult situations and questions with my son’s development and helped me get him the services he needed the our local school district. They really focus on the family and are available to talk about any concerns daily. I love the playground, garden and Montessori based classrooms. There are families from many different cultural backgrounds and participation is always welcome, though not strictly required if you cannot make it in. I cannot say enough good things about Mandala…” — Rachel T.

“We love Mandala Children’s House!  My daughter has been coming to this school for almost a year now. She loves coming to school and doesn’t want to leave at the end of the school day.

The teachers are all so caring and loving. They will cater to your child’s needs, but also keep to the flow of the classroom. Parents are welcome to stay and be involved in the classroom. I love the nature setting, with all the fruit trees and flowers.” — Reshma M.

“What more can I say to a school that not only teaches, but nutures the child. The teachers are all so caring and loving. My older son, which has graduated last year, does so well in Kindergarten.  My younger son, which currently attends Mandala, is so happy every day he comes home. I could not have asked for a better school.” — Tammy C.

“We love Mandala!! My daughter wakes up every morning asks excitedly if she has school today. I am your typical Asian mom, academic is high on my list. Mandala has exceeded all my expectations. My daughter is confident, has a vest vocabulary and has started reading. She started adding last year. Although this will be her last year in Mandala, this experience will be her aid forever.” — Kimberly C.

“We love this school. The teachers and staff are experienced and have created a nurturing and peaceful learning environment for children. The teachers are very up-to-date in their knowledge about early childhood education. Along with everything else you would want your child to learn in preschool, they help encourage politeness. They give each child individual attention. I can’t imagine a better preschool.” — Sophia L.